De Jongen in de Zeepbel

dehennin poodlesoup zeepbel boeken

‘The Boy in the Bubble’ is a modern fairytale written by Valerie Eyckmans about a very shy, bubble-loving boy who decides to take off… in a bubble, of course.
At first, he couldn’t be happier with his newfound life between birds, fishes and the occasional flying newsreporter. But then, he it starts to storm… he gets hungry… and scared. A highly unusual encounter might just be exactly what he needs.

dehennin zeepbel

“A beautiful picture book to enjoy together. At each turn of the page, you will be surprised by the variety in illustrations.” ★★★★☆ from Pluizer

“A wonderfully drawn, exciting book which children will surely enjoy.” ★★★★☆ from CooleSuggesties

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