Stephanie Dehennin


I’m a science and children’s books illustrator based in Antwerp.

I’m represented by MB Artists for all children’s projects in the United States.
In Belgium, I work with Van Halewyck for picture books and popular science books.

In 2017 I was awarded the Biannual Picturale Public’s Choice Award.

I’m also a proud member of the Nerdland Podcast with Lieven Scheire, where we go full nerd on the latest science and technology news.
If you’d like to know more about my passion for science, you can read an interview over here at the excellent Charlie Magazine.


Science Illustration

I’m a nerd and proud of it. Little gives me more joy than researching things like Rayleigh scattering or the digestive system of snakes and translating them visually in a clear and enjoyable image.


I’m honored to work for the most important people in the world. Kids deserve good storytelling, qualitative toys and art to get lost in. For children’s books, I only work through publishers and agencies.


I have years of experience designing editorial lay-outs, posters and signage. This comes in handy when you need someone who can provide both visuals and graphics for an event, a book or a product. 


I’ve written a children’s book, can you illustrate it? 

I can, if two conditions are met:
1- The manuscript fits my expertise and my style. Every book deserves the right illustrator for the job, so do take your time exploring my portfolio to see if your story and my style match.
2- You have a publisher and an editor. Making children’s books is a multidisciplinary effort and illustrators only come in the picture after a publishing deal is made.

What do you charge and who keeps intellectual ownership & rights of your illustrations?

Pricing of illustrations depend on a few things: the complexity of the assignment, it’s purpose (commercial, educational, literary), the amount of research needed and the number of feedback rounds. I carefully craft my invoices according these specifics. Do provide me with as much information as possible when contacting me for price estimates.

By default, I keep ownership of my work and grant you the rights for it’s publication on the platforms you specify for the duration of your project. If you would like to reuse them for another occassion, or if you wish to purchase all rights of usage, of course this is possible and negotiable.

Can you make our birth announcement cards?

I only make custom birth announcement illustrations for very close friends. However, if there’s a card in my webshop you’d like to use as a birth announcement, I can customise it for you.

What software/brushes do you use?

I do most of my sketches and coloring in Procreate on an Ipad Pro. Final color adjustments and prepressing of images are done in Photoshop CC with a Wacom Intuos. I mostly use standard brushes, slightly adjusted for my personal needs.

For students and aspiring illustrators: I frequently get asked what brush best to use for backgrounds, hair, fabric, etc… My answer will always be: ‘use what works for you, and remember that technique is always more important than material’. I know this sounds lame, but it’s the truth. I’ve yet to see a subpar piece being saved by an awesome brush.

If you are wondering what kind of setup you need, I would advise to get yourself a large Ipad Pro with Pencil and download Procreate. This will enable you to draw on screen like a Cintiq, but for a reasonable budget. For full color control, get a student subscription to Photoshop for your desktop, calibrate your screen and use the correct color settings.

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